• Passionate about ancient Egypt, but discouraged from studying it by others
  • Excited about learning how to read hieroglyphs, but struggling with how to keep motivated and keep making progress when other things come up
  • Certain there’s a better way to learn hieroglyphs than with books alone
  • Needing a knowledgeable, yet approachable, guide to help you find the resources you need, figure out what to do next, and to give you feedback
  • Wishing you were part of a tight-knit community of like-minded people passionate about ancient Egypt



In this 8-week, small-group program, we’ll create your custom path for making real progress in reading ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs – together.

What is a small-group program and why choose this option over other ways to study?


I’d been passionate about ancient Egypt for almost my entire life before I started studying ancient Egypt on a deeper level. That passion and drive were important, but I hadn’t made much progress in studying hieroglyphs on my own.


When I first started learning how to read hieroglyphs in a formal way (grad school), my instructor and my fellow students/friends are what made it possible to make rapid progress. None of these elements – passion, the right book, an instructor, friends with the same interest – completely on their own would have been enough.


But all together – WOW – this was the key!


This is why I am in love with the small-group program model.


The small-group program incorporates the best aspects of a traditional class with the best aspects of self-study.


Like self-studying, each person in the group can go at their own pace and our schedule will be based on your availability. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or if you already have some background in hieroglyphs. We’ll customize your plan to your needs.


But, unlike self-study, you will have the support you need from me and the group to help keep you on-track with your goals. This combination of an inner-circle community with expert guidance is the key.

Here's what goes into the small-group experience

to give you the best of both worlds:

  • Coaching: you receive TWO 1:1 coaching calls with me throughout the course of the program.
  • Community: group coaching calls every other week, plus an always-available private community for feedback, accountability, and friendship.
  • Coursework: videos and/or exercises every other week to keep you taking the next step in your learning and deepen your knowledge of the ancient Egyptian language and writing system.
  • Weekly prompts to help you complete your next step in learning hieroglyphs and share the results for feedback and guidance.
  • Recordings of all of the coaching sessions are yours to keep.



  • What does it cost?

The total cost for this intensive group program is one payment of $488, the equivalent of $61 a week. Or, you can choose the payment plan of two payments of $247. If you choose the payment plan, the first payment will be required to save your seat. The second payment of $247 will be due four weeks from the start date of the program.


  • When does it start?

We will get started in mid-to-late January and run for 8 weeks.


  • Do I need to have any experience with hieroglyphs?

No. This program is intended for people studying hieroglyphs at pretty much any level. Because the group will be kept small, I will be able to help you figure out what your next best step is in your studies and help you get there.


  • What day/time will the group calls be?

I will poll the group to find a time that works for everyone. In case you ever miss a group call, they will be recorded and available to you later.


  • How long do we have access to the private group?

The private group will be hosted on Facebook. At the end of our 8 weeks, the group will be archived, so that you can always return and read posts, watch videos, etc.


  • How much time will I need to participate each week?

The time you put in is really up to you. There’s no such thing as “falling behind” in this program because everyone’s goals and priorities for the 8 weeks will be different. That said, you can expect that group calls, weekly prompts, and watching any provided videos will take about two hours per week. Of course, to make a lot of progress, you will also need to make additional time to work through exercises, study, and participate in the group (asking and answering questions, etc.).




I’m Melinda – the voice behind Voices of Ancient Egypt and an Egyptologist. I’ve been teaching university students (from age 18 to 80) for over 7 years. I started Voices of Ancient Egypt to bring what I share in the classroom to a wider audience.

Before studying ancient Egypt deeply, I could never have anticipated what an amazing world would open up to me once I understood the ancient Egyptians and their language on a much deeper level.

Being able to read what the ancient Egyptians actually wrote themselves and see how it fits in with information from archaeology and art history creates amazingly empowering feelings of knowledge, understanding, and connection.

I’ve published a number of scholarly articles on topics such as family and administration during the Middle Kingdom and coffins from the Third Intermediate Period.

However, over my years in Egyptology, my heart has become more and more dedicated to sharing ancient Egypt with those outside of the small circle of professional Egyptologists.

My top priorities in life: Egyptology, teaching, family, cats,

and ice cream (not necessarily in that order)

My passion is helping you pursue your passion for ancient Egypt through videos, articles, and small-group-study programs. There is so much to learn about ancient Egypt that it’s hard to know where to start and what sources to trust.  I want you to have the supportive community and the tools that I had to go to graduate school to find.

What lights me up? Changing that status quo.

Learning about the intricacies of ancient Egypt and its language is not easy, but it absolutely can be done with the right resources and people around you. Are you ready to find your tribe and dig in to all that ancient Egypt has to offer?